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          Greenfresh Group participates in donation and assistance activities to help the industry in poverty alleviation

          Release date:2017-12-21 11:28Viewed:

          On December 18, Guo Dongxu, vice chairman of Greenfresh Group, went to Nongjia Village, Changle Township, Pinghe County to participate in the donation activity.

           The event was organized by the Zhangzhou Ocean and Fisheries Bureau. The group subsidiaries Greenfresh (Fujian) Foodstuff Co., Ltd. and Fujian province LvQi food colloid Co., Ltd. participated in the event as Zhangzhou’s outstanding maritime and fishing enterprises. Xingxing Breeding Professional Cooperative and 18 poverty-stricken households donated a total of 40,000 yuan for poverty alleviation and entrepreneurship funds. They participated in the operation of the cooperative as shares of poor households and enjoyed other benefits in addition to dividends.


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