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          2019 Cologne International Candy and Snack Food Exhibition(ISM2019)

          Release date:2019-01-27 16:11Viewed:
          一、Exhibition name
          This year's ISM Cologne Cologne snack food exhibition has a total of 1700 confectionery manufacturers from 36 countries around the world participated in the exhibition, the exhibition area of 110,000 square meters, concentrated display of snack foods, candy chocolate, natural health food, special agricultural products, etc. Received 40,000 professional visitors from 65 countries.
          二、The booth number of Greenfresh Group: E80
          三、Sample display 
          Gummies  Product Name  Quantity  Model  Taste
          Cola soft candies  600 RQ015-2 Cola Flavor
          Coconut Cake  400 RR013  Coconut Flavor
          Agar soft candies 400 RC043 orange
          Gelatin-like soft candies  600 RQD  black currant
          Bionic Mango soft candies  600 RS025-1 mango flavor
          果冻 Jelly melts in the mouth (orange flavor)  50 GT113  orange flavor
          Drinkable jelly  50 FG-L17X  orange flavor
          四、Exhibition pictures

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