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          2019 The Third Cross-Strait Food Fair and The Sixth Fujian-Taiwan (Quanzhou) Food Fair

          Release date:2019-07-20 10:44Viewed:
          一、Exhibition Introduction
          The 3rd Cross-Strait Food Fair and the 6th Fujian-Taiwan (Quanzhou) Food Fair (referred to as the Food Fair) will be held at the SM International Exhibition Center in Jinjiang, China from July 20th to 22nd, 2019. The food market is a branch venue. The exhibition closely follows the entire industry chain of snack food manufacturing, and sets up five major categories of snack food products, food processing and packaging machinery, food process technology, food raw and auxiliary materials and additives, animation brand authorization and packaging design, focusing on displaying the latest trends and latest developments in the global food industry Technology and the latest trends have become the "wind vane" that leads the development of the leisure food industry, and provide international and professional food industry docking platforms for customers everywhere.
          二、The booth number of Greenfresh Group: D15-16
          三、Sample display
          Sample Type  Series  Compound Powder Model  Application  Taste
          Soft Candy  Elastic Sense Series RQ015-2 Soft Elastic Taste Soft  RQ015-2 Soft Elastic Taste Soft Candy  Cola Flavor
          RQ048 Hard Elastic taste soft candy black currant  black currant
          glutinous sweet
          Bionic Fruit  RJ049
          Citrus Gummy 
          Orange Flavor
          RS025-1 Fruity Gummy  Mango Flavor
          RR013 Coconut Cake Coconut
          Fruit Cake RS047 Chewable Fruit Cake  Orange Flavor
          RG051 high-acid fruit jam before adding fruit cake    peach flavor
          Mash-up product   RS025-outer skin1  popping soft candy  blueberry
          Filling RJ032
          RC043 High Transparency Agar Candy  Mixed Flavor
          RJ049 Chocolate coating product  milk
          Jelly  Jelly  GP150 High Transparency Jelly Litchi Flavor
          Fruit soup product  GS124 fruit soup passion fruit flavor passion fruit flavor
          Pudding products GB147  oily milk jelly,  pudding mango milk flavor
          四、Exhibition pictures


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