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          2019 Asia (Thailand) International Food Ingredients Exhibition

          Release date:2019-09-11 10:36Viewed:
          一、Exhibition situation
          From September 11th to September 13th, Greenfresh Group participated in the [Asia (Thailand) International Food Ingredients Exhibition 2019], marketing center director and business held in Bangkok International Trade & Exhibition Centre, Bangkok, Thailand Members attended the exhibition. The exhibition attracted professional visitors and buyers of food additives from Asian countries. Through the exhibition, it not only increased the popularity of Greenfresh Group's products, but also consolidated and increased its market share, and seized the opportunity for product promotion and in-depth communication with potential customers.
          二、Greenfresh Group Booth No.: V40
          三、Sample display  
          Gummies   Product Name  Model Taste Taste
          Cola soft candies  RQ015-2 Cola Flavor
          High Transparency Agar soft candies RC0603  mixed flavor
          Blackcurrant soft candies RQ048  blackcurrant
          Coconut Cake  RR013  Coconut Flavor
          Agar soft candies  RC038 Passion Fruit
          Bionic Mango soft candies  RS025-1  Mango flavor
          Jelly melts in the mouth (orange flavor) GT113  orange flavor
          Drinkable Jelly  FG-L17X litchi flavor
          Low price jelly  0401D  mango
          Freezie mango lactic acid bacteria (low end)  DQB503-1  mango lactic acid bacteria
          四、Exhibition pictures


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